The real star of the Crysis series is the Nanosuit.The jaw-dropping visuals get a lot of kudos, but the real star of the Crysis games is the Nanosuit.

The suit is your most powerful tool and lets you quickly adapt to any hostile challenge, switching instantly between super strength, speed, armour and cloaking abilities.

Our hero Prophet is so powerful in Crysis 3 thanks to his Nanosuit, varied arsenal and suite of gadgets that you almost feel sorry for his hapless enemies.

In addition to the freedom of choosing how you will approach each encounter, players of the new Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC game also have dizzying freedom to customise their weaponry.

But disappointingly, Crysis 3 doesn’t present players with interesting choices to use their power. You’ve got amazing tactical options but any strategy will do, and most players will breeze through the solo campaign in just six hours.

The addition of a high-tech bow is a giveaway that the development team would prefer if you favoured sneaky stealth over all-out aggression.

Creeping around invisibly before felling foes with a single arrow certainly provides the game’s biggest thrill.

But the fact that you can take down the dim-witted enemies with a single shot and remain invisible unbalances the game, and you soon wonder why you should bother with any of the other toys.

Only one mission offers the kind of scale and flexibility such an awesome toolkit deserves, but by the time the too-brief and forgettable story is over, many players will feel the solo campaign represents a significant missed opportunity.

Fortunately, better value can be obtained from the multi-player modes across a dozen gorgeous and well-designed maps.

The highlight of multi-player is a tense battle of cat-and-mouse called Hunters in which invisible, bow-wielding assassins try to hunt down a group of soldiers inside a strict two-minute time limit.

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