Collingwood ruckman Darren Jolly has received support from current and former players for his spirited column calling for the AFL to rethink its push to further change the rules of the game.

In his Fairfax column, Jolly argued for the league to abandon its plan to cap the interchange next year and called for an overhaul of the Laws of the Game Committee.

He said he was frustrated at persistent rule changes and wanted those governing the rules to take better counsel from those who play the modern game.

”One of the best articles I’ve read in a very long time,” Richmond recruit Troy Chaplin wrote in a message re-tweeted by his teammate Dustin Martin.

Former players Toby Thurstans and Steve Baker both expressed their support for Jolly’s column.

Thurstans, who played for Port Adelaide, said Jolly was his ”new favourite player”.

Baker also offered on social media: ”Darren Jolly’s article in todays Age. Essential reading. Un-sanitised opinion. KB’s acolytes will be reaching for the Valium. Great whack.”

Baker’s tweet alluded to the fact Jolly said the Laws of the Game Committee needed to be overhauled to include more recent players. He pointed out that while he respected the playing record of the committee’s chairman, Kevin Bartlett, the Tiger great finished playing two years before Jolly was born.

Bartlett colourfully defended his position on his morning radio program.

”The world’s greatest gynaecologist is a male, and he’s never had a baby,” he said.

Many of the coaches have spoken of their dismay at the AFL’s intention to cap interchanges at 80, prompting Andrew Demetriou to speak out gruffly to reiterate the AFL’s position that a cap on the interchange was coming in next season, the only question to be resolved was what number of interchanges the cap would be.

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